tasty singapore logo

Tasty Singapore is an initiative of International Enterprise Singapore, and promotes the best of local food and manufacturers to overseas markets.

Besides being used as a collective brand identity for overseas trade shows and promotions, the Tasty Singapore logo is also used on products as a mark of excellence.

Client: Tasty Singapore  |  Branding Agency: 360 & 5  |  Year: 2015
sport singapore logo

Previously known as Singapore Sports Council (SSC), Sport Singapore (SS) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. It was founded in 1973 to promote sports and active lifestyle in Singapore.

The SSC chief executive Lim Teck Yin gave the reasons for rebranding of Singapore Sports Council to Sport Singapore during a media briefing on the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth’s 2014 budget,  “We are the governing authority for the investment of public funds in Singapore, but more than that, we are in the ecosystem to partner our stakeholders, and this is what the (Sport Singapore) brand identity communicates.”

According to Sport Singapore website, “the positive upward spiral of the Sport Singapore ‘sphere’ symbolises the fullness of life that sport brings to people of all ages and abilities. The colour bands symbolise the diversity of people and the wide spectrum of ways that sport benefits all Singaporeans, transcending boundaries and expressing the partnerships and community building that sport represents.”

Client: Sport Singapore  |  Year: 2014
singapore civil defence force logo

Unlike the Singapore Police shield which was heavily redrawn, Singapore Civil Defence kept theirs close to the original.

Unfortunately, perhaps inspired by fellow home team brethren to get the shine on, the logo was similarly treated with excessive photoshop effects (gradients, bevel) Some missed opportunities will be tidying the bow (too christmas) and increasing visibility to the words. A little more restrain will go a long way.

Client: Singapore Police Force  |  Year: 2015
singapore police force logo

Client: Singapore Police Force  |  Year: 2015

A shiny new logo from the men in blue. With new aggressive photoshop effects (the highlight on the shield is especially unfortunate), it feels more superhero than everyday heroes. A sense of tradition and authority also got lost in this update.

soup spoon logo

The Soup Spoon has an updated logo that feels more contemporary and fresh. The logotype is more crafted than the old, and the silhouette of the spoon in the “o” is a nice touch. However, the floral logo (made from spoons!) feels slightly forced. The rustic texture, while currently trending, is uninspired and unnecessary. Overall, still a nice update!

tigerair logo

Founded in 2003 as an independent airline, Tiger Airways is a low cost carrier headquartered in Singapore. It flies mainly to regional destinations in Southeast Asia, China and India out of Changi Airport.

In 2013, Tiger Airways shortened its name and was rebranded as Tigerair, dropping its leaping tiger icon as well. With bold and rounded typography, the new identity shows a more casual and playful identity.

From Tigerair’s website,

Our new logo is simplified to depict the personality of the new Tigerair brand — warm, passionate and genuine.

The rounded fonts depict friendliness while the two dots, the first in grey and the second in orange, symbolises Tigerair’s role in connecting our customers from one point to another. The different coloured dots also depict a friendly wink.

The orange semi-circle acts as a subtle reference to a tiger’s tail, as well as a smile, representative of the passion and commitment in everything we do.


Client: Tigerair  |  Branding Agency: The Secret Little Agency  |  Year: 2013